How to Become A Member


Step 1:

Final, approved texts of the ATAF Agreement are forwarded to all ATAF member countries.

Step 2:

The member country develops a submission for Ministerial / Cabinet consideration and approval.

Step 3:

Signing process:

a)  The President of the member country / Finance Minister accedes to the ATAF Agreement by signing the signatory page. Alternatively, the Head of the Revenue Administration is delegated to sign the ATAF Agreement, and 

b)   The signatory to the ATAF Agreement also signs a Note Verbale confirming the member country’s intention to be bound by Article 23 of the ATAF Agreement.

Step 4:

A copy of the signed Agreement and the accompanying Note Verbale are scanned and e-mailed to the ATAF Secretariat.

Step 5:

The original, signed Agreement, together with the signed Note Verbale is forwarded to the ATAF Secretariat via the embassy or high commission accredited in the Republic of South Africa.

Step 6:

Upon receipt, the embassy or high commission delivers the documents to the ATAF Secretariat.

Step 7:

The ATAF Secretariat formally acknowledges receipt of the signed Instrument of Accession to the Head of the Revenue Administration.

Step 8:

The forthcoming meeting of the ATAF Council is notified of the deposit of the Instrument of Accession, thus formally securing the membership of the country to ATAF.


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